Mikrotik cli show config

Mikrotik CLI. Use the same command shell, such as saving the command, simply use the TAB key on the keyboard then a long command, no longer need to be typed, simply type the beginning of the command is called, will automatically display the Shell will own commands respect. Let us continue with the introduction of this command. Check again if the interface name had been changed.

Provides the IP address on the interface Mikrotik. Public suppose we will use to connection to the Internet with IP Providing default gateway, the gateway to the internet connection is assumed is After this step can be done to check the connection from the local network.

And if means we have successfully managed to install Mikrotik Router as a Gateway server. After connecting with Mikrotik network can be managed using the WinBox can be downloaded from the server mikrotik Mikrotik. Eg Ip address server mikrotik we In the Browser will be displayed in a web form with multiple menus, search and download text Download WinBox from there. Save on the local hard drive. Winbox Run, enter the IP address, username and password. DHCP allows an administrator for addressing the ip address for the client.

Here are the steps: a. In this example networknya gateway is Transparent profitable in client management, because system administrators do not need to setup a proxy in each client computer's browser for the automatic redirection is performed on the server.

Form of configuration commands: a.

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For that we need the bandwidth management for each data set is passed, so the division of bandwidth into fair. In this case also includes a packet RouterOS software for memanagement bandwidth. Usage for 10 clients, Queue type is not a problem. Client is assumed there are as many as 15 clients, and each client was given ration of 8kbps minimum bandwidth, and a maximum of 48kbps.

Whereas Total bandwidth of Kbps. For the upstream is not given a rule, means each client can use the bandwidth uptream maximum. Note the priority command, the range of priority in Mikrotik eight. Means from 1 to 8, priority 1 is highest priority, while priority 8 is the lowest priority. The following example kongirufasinya.

Please dipaste course, if the position direktorynya in Root. While the client will access as many as 10 clients, each client automatically gets a small upstream and downstream bandwidth of kbps divided by So each one can be If only 2 Client who access it each can be kbps. Previously need to be made a rule in the mangle. Traffic is passing Local interface.The configuration backup can be used for backing up MikroTik RouterOS configuration to a binary file, which can be stored on the router or downloaded from it using FTP for future use.

The configuration restore can be used for restoring the router's configuration, exactly as it was at the backup creation moment, from a backup file. The restoration procedure assumes the configuration is restored on the same router, where the backup file was originally created, so it will create partially broken configuration if the hardware has been changed.

The configuration export can be used for dumping out complete or partial MikroTik RouterOS configuration to the console screen or to a text script file, which can be downloaded from the router using FTP protocol. The configuration dumped is actually a batch of commands that add without removing the existing configuration the selected configuration to a router.

The configuration import facility executes a batch of console commands from a script file. System reset command is used to erase all configuration on the router. Before doing that, it might be useful to backup the router's configuration. The system backup feature allows you to effortlessly save and load device's configuration. The export command prints a script that can be used to restore configuration.

The command can be invoked at any menu level, and it acts for that menu level and all menu levels below it. The output can be saved into a file, available for download using FTP. Starting from v5. It allows to export only part of configuration that is not default RouterOS config. Note: Starting from v6rc1 "export compact" is default behavior.

To do old style export use export verbose. Compact export introduces another feature that indicates which part of config is default on RouterOS and cannot be deleted. It will add the configuration from the specified file to an existing configuration. This file may contain any console commands, including scripts. Can be used to restore configuration or parts of it after configuration loss.

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In RouterOS it is possible to automatically execute scripts - your script file has to be named anything. This method only works with FTP. Once the file is uploaded, it is automatically executed. Information about the success of the commands that were executed is written to anything. The command clears all configuration of the router and sets it to the default including the login name and password 'admin' and no passwordIP addresses and other configuration is erased, interfaces will become disabled.

After the reset command router will reboot. The default is either the factory default, that you can see in the article Default configurationsor it can be a custom default, that can be loaded by including an RSC file when doing Netinstall or if specified with a branding package. Note: If run-after-reset is set then no-defaults parameter will be ignored and only the specified script will be loaded!

Warning: Warning: If the device has a folder named "flash", then the confscript.You may distribute or copy the article How to Configure Mikrotik Using CLI Command Line Interface if this is useful for you or your friends, but do not forget to include the source link.

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Dear readers, after reading the Content please ask for advice and to provide constructive feedback Please Write Relevant Comment with Polite Language. Your comments inspired me to continue blogging. Your opinion much more valuable to me. Thank you. Mikrotik is a company engaged in the production of hardware hardware and software Software associated with computer network system headquartered in Latvia, adjacent to Russia.

Read More : What is Mikrotik? Mikrotik provides one of convenience when we write commands so as not to long-term. Here is how to configure mikrotik using CLI :. Install the adapter and the LAN cable according to your network topology. Change your IP to 1 subnet with default IP mikrotik that is Mikrotik Identity Configuration.

mikrotik cli show config

To change the identity of mikrotik, type the script command as follows and then enter:. Configuring Gateway Routing On Mikrotik. Checking Ping Connection. Tweet Share Share Share Share. Posting Komentar bloggerspicebd.Thanks to the easy-to-use graphical interface available in winbox.

Experience has shown that there are times when a router can not be accessed via winbox, either as a result of configured firewll rulesrouting proplem or poor connections over a wireless link. In such situations, the user can make use of telnet or ssh to access the router. But what can you do in such situation if you have no basic knowledge of the Mikrotik command line interface?

In this post, we will look at the simplest way to understand the Mikrotik command line interface. In addiction to providing a secured access mode to the router via ssh, the Mikrotik command lind interface also speeds up configuration time on Mikrotik routers and makes it easy to replicate configurations on other Mikriotik routers by copying and pasting configuration commands.

mikrotik cli show config

Though there are limited information on Mikrotik command line, as most users prefer the easy way through Winbox, understanding how to use the Mikrotik command line is quite simple. Using the Winbox can infact teach one how to make use of the command line interface. For Example, to assign an IP address to ether1 via the GUI will involve the following steps highlighted in the image below.

The same task can be done using the Mikrotik command line by simply following the steps highlighted in the image above. See the command line equivalent below. The Mikrotik command line version comes shorter and faster with steps 1 to 5 used.

mikrotik cli show config

Following the steps highlighted in the image above, the Mikrotik command line equivalent for achieving same task is given below. Just like the first example, this one contains five out of the seven steps highlighted in the GUI version.

Cisco to MikroTik – command translation – BGP

To configure a static route to a destination network, we simple change the destination address from 0. See below. Very simple and easy! If you enjoyed this tutorial, please subscribe to this blog to receive my posts via email.

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You may change your settings at any time. Your choices will not impact your visit. NOTE: These settings will only apply to the browser and device you are currently using.Scripting host provides a way to automate some router maintenance tasks by means of executing user-defined scripts bounded to some event occurence.

mikrotik cli show config

A script consists of configuration commands and expressions ICE - internal console expression. The configuration commands are standard RouterOS commands, e. The events used to trigger script execution include, but are not limited to the System Scheduler, the Traffic Monitoring Tool, and the Netwatch Tool generated events.

Console commands are made of the following parts, listed in the order you type them in console:. Subsequent script commands are executed from the same menu level as the entire script. Consider the following example:. RouterOS scripting language suports two types of variables, which are global system wide and local accessible only within the current scriptrespectively. Variable names should be composed of contain letters, digits and '-' character.

A variable must be declared prior to using it in scripts. There are four types of declaration available:. You can assign a new value to variable using set action. It takes two unnamed parameters: the name of the variable and the new value of the variable. If a variable is no longer needed, it's name can be freed by :unset command. If you free local variable, it's value is lost. If you free global variable, it's value is still kept in router, it just becomes inaccessible from current script.

Some console commands are most useful if their output can be feed to other commands as an argument value. In RouterOS console this is done by using the return values from commands. Return values are not displayed on the screen. To get the return value from a command, it should be enclosed in square brackets '[ ]'.

Upon execution the return value of the the command will become the value of these brackets. This is called command substitution.

The commands that produce return values are, but not limited to: findwhich returns a reference to a particular item, pingwhich returns the number of sucessful pings, timewhich returns the measured time value, incr and decrwhich return the new value of a variable, and addwhich returns the internal number of newly created item. This way you can see internal console numbers of items.

Naturally, you can use them as arguments in other commands:. RouterOS console can do simple calculations with numbers, time values, IP addresses, strings and lists. To get result from an expression with operators, enclose it in parentheses ' ' and ' '. The expression result serves as a return value for the parentheses. Inverts given number value. Substracts two numbers, two time values, two IP addresses or an IP address and a number!

Binary operator. Divides one number by another gives number or a time value by a number gives time value. Binary operator, concatenates two string or append one list to another or appends an element to a list.Untuk mengkonfigurasi Mikrotik Router ada beberapa cara yang bisa kita gunakan, yaitu melalui aplikasi Winbox GUI dan ini yang sering saya pakai, melalui web browser tampilan menunya mirip dengan winbox dan tentu saja router minimal harus sudah mempunyai IP Address dan konfigurasi mikrotik router dengan menggunakan perintah CLI atau Command Line Interface.

Mengkonfigurasi Mikrotik dengan mengetikkan perintah CLI memang lebih menantang daripada lewat Winbox atau browser karena minimal kita harus mengetahui logika atau susunan baris perintahnya. Tetapi mengkonfigurasi Mikrotik menggunakan CLI ini mempunyai beberapa kelebihan, diantaranya untuk mengakses Mikrotik-nya bisa dengan menggunakan telnet, ssh, kabel serial, menu terminal pada winbox atau secara langsung apabila MikroTik RouterOS kita install pada sebuah komputer atau virtual PC.

Dalam kesempatan kali ini, kita akan melakukan konfigurasi dasar pada Mikrotik dengan menggunakan perintah dasar CLI. Untuk seting tanggal dan waktu pada Mikrotik bisa dilakukan secara manual atau secara otomatis menggunakan NTP Server.

Karena Mikrotik belum terhubung ke Internet, maka disini kita akan set secara manual terlebih dahulu. Interface atau penghubung merupakan mekanisme komunikasi antara user dengan sistem. Pada Mikrotik terdapat beberapa interface seperti ethernet, wireless, bridge dan sebagainya.

Misalnya secara default ether port 1 pada mikrotik diberi nama ether1, karena nantinya port ether1 akan terhubung ke Internet, maka kita akan menggantinya menjadi ether1-internet.

Bridge pada Mikrotik adalah interface virtual yang akan kita buat dan digunakan untuk menggabungkan 2 atau lebih interface sehingga interface-interface tersebut seolah-olah berada pada 1 segmen jaringan yang sama. Proses penggabungan ini terjadi pada layer data link, sehingga nantinya Interface bridge yang kita buat akan mempunyai 1 Mac Address. Untuk melihat konfigurasi interface bridge yang telah kita buat, kita bisa mengeceknya dengan perintah:. Interface list digunakan untuk memudahkan managemen interface yang ada.

Dari langkah yang telah kita lakukan diatas, sekarang kita sudah mempunyai Interface bridge1-LAN dan ether1-internet selanjutnya adalah memberikan IP Address pada masing-masing Interface tersebut.

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Apabila kita ingin merubah IP Address yang telah diset sebelumnya maka terlebih dahulu kita harus menghapus IP Address yang lama terlebih dahulu, caranya adalah seperti pada contoh dibawah:. Gateway adalah IP Address yang pertama kali harus kita lewati sebelum terhubung ke jaringan lain, misalnya apabila kita menggunakan Modem Indohome, maka IP Address yang kita gunakan sebagai Gateway adalah IP Addressnya router Indihome, biasanya adalah Peritah dasar mikrotik berikutnya adalah seting NAT Masquerade, setingan ini bertujuan agar komputer client pada jaringan private LAN bisa terhubung ke jaringan Public Internet.

Perintah untuk mem-backup dan me-restore setingan mikrotik merupakan perintah dasar mikrotik yang harus kita ketahui, karena akan memudahkan nantinya kalau suatu saat kita akan mereset Mikrotik. Dengan mempunyai backup setingan, maka apabila suatu saat diperlukan kita tinggal me-restore-nya tanpa harus memulai konfig dari awal. Sebagai catatan, apabila kita akan me-restore konfigurasi Router ini pada Routerboard yang lain maka disarankan Routerboard tersebut memiliki seri dan tipe-nya yang identik dengan Router asalnya.

Selain dengan fitur backup system, pada mikrotik juga kita bisa meng-export setingan konfigurasi dengan perintah Export. Apabila perintah backup digunakan untuk menyimpan seluruh konfigurasi system, maka dengan perintah export ini kita bisa memilih untuk meng-export sebagian parameter yang kita inginkan.

Untuk meng-import file konfigurasi bisa dilakukan dengan perintah import file-name seperti dibawah:. Demikianlah beberapa setingan dasar Mikrotik yang menggunakan Perintah Dasar CLI — command line interface Mikrotik yang telah kita buat, semoga ada manfaatnya. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Tampilan awal Terminal dalam Winbox. Related posts:.

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Tags: mikrotik cli. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.So, the following section will show how to startup and configure MikroTik Router first time using WebFig web interface. IP information that I am using for this basic configuration are given below.

Change this information according to your network requirements. Web interface is one of the most popular methods to configure and maintain network devices. Most of the people feel comfort to maintain their devices with web interface. So, WebFig web interface can be accessible typing this IP address in a web browser. The following steps will show you how to access WebFig web interface using the default IP address from windows operating system.

Now we will do MikroTik Router basic configuration from this web interface. The following steps will show how to do basic configuration in your RouterOS using WebFig web interface.

How to understand the Mikrotik command line interface

Your MikroTik router is completely ready if you follow the above 4 steps carefully. If you face any problem to set IP address in windows PC, follow my another article about how to assign static IP address in windows operating system which will guide you the proper way to assign IP address in any windows PC. Now browse any website or ping google. If you face any confusion to follow above steps properly, watch the below video about MikroTik first time configuration using WebFig.

I hope, it will reduce your any confusion. MikroTik Router basic configuration is not so enough to maintain a real network. Sometimes, you may need load balancing and link redundancy solution. I hope, you are now able to configure a new MikroTik Router successfully from very beginning with WebFig web interface.

However, if you face any problem to configure your MikroTik Router first time, feel free to discuss in comment or contact with me from Contact page. I will try my best to stay with you. Your name can also be listed here. Have an IT topic? Submit it here to become a System Zone author.

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